Graphic Design Rates

Need your companies logo or other graphics on your High Visibility Workwear? Here at All Hi Vis Custom Print; we print hi- vis as well as regular work apparel. We use both Silk Screen an Heat Transfer printing methods.

Do you need a logo designed? Our team of talented graphic designers will work with you to create just the Logo you need to make an impression. All our designs and logos are created by our graphic designers right here in the USA. Our designers are experts at working with customers and providing high quality service to suit your needs. Our designs are all originals so you can be confident that your business will stand out in any field.

Work directly with your Graphic Designer! We know how hard it can be to communicate your concepts and ideas into Logo or Graphic form. Here at Hi Vis Custom Print you can meet your designer in person and communicate with them directly over the phone and through email.

Rates for Color & Graphics

We charge a one time fee for each Color or Screen needed for your order.  Screen(Color) $15.00 each

We  also charge a one time Artwork fee.

  • Simple Lettering: $35.00
  • Print ready graphics or logos in vector format (.ai, .eps, .pdf files): $35.00
  • Logo’s and Special Graphics depending on size and complexity of graphic. $40.00 – $100.00
  • Especially complex graphics may incur an additional cost.

Please note that even if you have a logo already it may not be in the necessary file format. We can only use Vector graphics.

Sample Graphics

Below are samples of one color graphics. The background color would be the shirt material, so it doesn’t count as a color.

Below are samples of two color graphics:

These are samples of a three color graphics:


Below are samples of what you can do with four colors:


Safety Stripes

These are samples of some of our Safety Stripes:

Below are Flame Orange Safety Stripes. The black color represents the shirt material.

Below are samples of Yellow Safety Stripes. The black color represents the shirt material.